PATIO PM Portfolio Management

Optimise your client’s assets and industrialise your management tasks

  • Clients classification per Portfolio Manager and Risk Profile : corresponding lists may be created automatically interfacing with your referencial or a CRM tool
  • Clients constraints and off management positions are identified
  • Each client profile may be attached to an asset allocation model (instrument type – geographical sector – economical sector – currency) and/or a portfolio model (stock picking)
  • Consultations and analysis per portfolio list may be done in different ways : detailed, regrouped, consolidated
  • « Advanced Client Research » tool dynamically creates portfolio lists crossing all client caracteristics with their assets
  • Gaps between Clients Portfolios and attached models (Asset allocation – Portfolio Models) are identified and measured
  • Turnover Rate calculated on the account gross/net value can exclude operations (ex : monetary UCITS)
  • Automatic generation of block orders by rebalancing/ hedging and/or market opportunities
  • Full STP transmission for block or single orders
  • Performance calculation weighted by time/ by capital
  • Unit measure may be set-up : daily, weekly, monthly…
  • Calculation may include commissions or not
  • Chart comparison with benchmarks
  • It can be edited upon request (minute report) or at any desired frequency
  • Report models are predefined (Content/ Profile)
  • Performance data calculated by PATIO may be exported to an external tool

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