4TPM, specialised in the securities business for 15 years, is the editor of PATIO Platform

4TPM offer is based on PATIO platform that brings:
  • Compliance and risk control excellence thanks to a powerful rule engine, resulting from over 15 years of business experience
  • Full STP routing ensuring proven reliability demonstrated by the millions of transactions processed successfully
  • A comprehensive and efficient solution to satisfy Portfolio Manager needs. More than 500 private portfolio managers operate daily from the Patio platform



PATIO Platform is composed of 3 products:
  • PATIO PM: Portfolio Management
  • PATIO OLT: OnLine Trading
  • PATIO OMS: Order Management System
Functions shared by the 3 products:

A sharp set-up allows each user profile to:

  • Access (or not) any available function
  • Perform all or part of possible actions (reading, creation, modification, cancelling) for all available function
  • Each user customizes his screen views, records his choices as favorites and updates at any moment

Keeps record of :

  • Set-up
  • Orders life cycle
  • Events pushed on an order (alert/ stop) and consecutive actions took by the operator (confirmation, cancellation, forcing)
  • Set up alerts/ stop and “learning” rules by account profile
  • According to the user level of training, PATIO automatically updates the account profile
  • Asset hedging is based on a matrix that optimizes and controls the client commitment potential within its available assets
  • Control is made on the basis of real-time price (or on closing price if the system is not interfaced with live market data)

From the account characteristics  (managed, free, advised) its risk profile and the instrument, the platform PATIO may :

  • Send alerts
  • Block a transaction
  • Direct the order towards the suitable destination (in-house order book, broker, market…)
  • File and/or client-server for back office interfaces
  • FIX and/or MQSeries for orders routing service
  • Every professional functions are available either through API’s (C, Java) and/or web services




4TPM Offer: PATIO Portfolio Management, PATIO OnLine Trading, PATIO Order Management System



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