PATIO OMS Order Management System

Manages your trading operation cycle


  • Optimise manual operations
  • Secure communication between your departments
  • Ensure a full STP workflow


PATIO OMS brings:

  • Based on a set of configurable rules, Patio OMS may authorize, alert, stop orders
  • It is possible for an authorized operator to override the stop
  • Patio OMS directs the order according to its characteristics (Client/ Market/ Instrument/ Amount) towards its relevant recipient (broker, market place, trading desk/Blotter)
  • Centralized view of all orders either created in Patio PM or received from an external application
  • Orders status (reserved, pending, executed, cancelled…) are refreshed in PUSH mode.
  • Trader tool allowing to select an order, to execute it or to transmit it to another operator
  • Every actions and events linked to the order are saved and retrievable

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