Compatibility SOA – JAVA/JEE – Multilingual media base– RIA technology

PATIO Technology

PATIO plateform is fully scalable to support your volume growth without limits.


Multi lingual media is available in thin & fat clients providing a high ergonomic level to the end user

PATIO Medias

PATIO Pro : Designed for internal users. Two formats are available:

  • Thin client (Rich web application) – intranet
  • Thick client (Rich desktop application)

PATIO Web : « turnkey » online trading website. Easily integrates into existing website

PATIO Webservices : Offer all functionalities avaiblable as webservices.


PATIO Architecture

PATIO platform stands on a 3-tier client-server architecture:

  • Front-end: Application server Tomcat, WebSphere, JBoss – SOA : JAVA J2E
  • Back-end: Calculations, settings, database access – SUN / Solaris, IBM/AIX, Linux (Red Hat)
  • Relational database: ORACLE/SQL Server

Our products for your business: