PATIO OLT Online Trading

Offer to your customers a comprehensive service for online trading with full control and protection!


Authentification and confidentiality access may be managed by PATIO OLT or by your institutional website


Functions provided to your clients:

  • Portolio inventory

May contain orders according to their status (pending, executed…). Orders will appear on a separated line or will be consolidated in the positions

Valuation may be given on the basis of real time prices


  • Operations history

Interrogation by operation type, asset, date/ dates range

Deepth search may be set-up


  • Order book

Contains day to day orders and previous pending orders

Orders status are updated in real time


  • Tax information

Tax meter (cession amount, +/- value, revenues) are delivered from the back-office

  • PATIO OLT is seamlessly interfacing with editorial website (real time or delayed prices, value sheet, news, alerts, chart analysis…)
  • Instruments : Stocks, UCITS, Funds, Derivated, Indexed Futures
  • UCITS and funds orders centralisation
  • All single orders modalities are managed
  • Smart orders (before/after, simultaneous, trailing stop, …)
  • IPO’s
  • Investment Plan, Funds Arbitration, Real Time Cash & Money transfer
  • Margin account, derivatives, SRD
  • Hedging engine PATIO OLT watches out for the investment level of clients on leverages markets
  • CRC (Client Risk Control) states clients at risk (exceeding their potential coverage)
  • CRC may report over-engaged clients list upon request (at least once a day)

Our products for your business: